Casual Summer Look

Getting dressed during summer can be quite a task and that is why fashion often take a back seat but it is possible to look stylish and be comfortable during the summer!!the trick is knowing how.If you ask me! Just give me a pair of jeans with loose tee, and some comfy flats with few cute accessories and im set!!

Outfit details:

  • Top:                   Zara
  • tan top:            Newyorker
  • denim:              Splash
  • Espadrilles:     Chanel
  • bag:                    Gucci

So I’m beating Dubai heat with an outfit that’s comfortable and stylish.Teamed up my jeans with a nice loose fit white top and red Espadrilles!! Flats work perfect for a casual look, and these canvas shoes look great if you want to give it a sporty cum casual look.Unlike your sneakers, these chic espadrilles offer a dash of Cool style along with comfort!!


Hope you like my today’s casual look. Will be uploading more different styles. Some sweet and adorable, some  casual and cool And  elegant enough for you to copy as your office attire!!



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