It’s all about pants in Pakistan Fashion!

I have been updating you about the latest Pakistani fashion and trends and As I told you guys in my recent show its all about pants these days!if carried in proper way ,it can change the entire look of your outfit🌺

Palazzos/flared pants
One of my personal favorite.These flared pants give very stylish, flowy effect. similar to shararas and can also be worn with short kurta/sleeveless straight shirt

cigarette pants:
You can wear these pants for feminine look and it will make you look taller as well! Perfect for short ladies

Tulip pants:
the latest fashion trend in Pakistan which spread like wildfire!!not baggy as the dhoti salwar, but airy enough to beat the summer heat.

My all time favorite!!Traditional flared shalwars with short kurta’s are very much back this summers.

Right now we don’t need to replace them with any new trend!They can all live together like one big happy family in our wardrobe for few more months (hopefully)
If you ask me I can’t wear Western cloths in summer,it’s too hot for jeans! Give me a boxy kurta with any of these stylish pants and I’m happy💖which one is your favorite??
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