Chaat Raat Look!

It has always been a special pleasure to enjoy the special colours of Chand Raat with your friends.Decorationg your hands on Chand Raat has its own craze that can’t be contented with anything else. It feels great when friends come together and celebrate a happy and peaceful EID.check out my look for chand raat celebrations with my friend!


  • phulkari shirt:    Karachi Chikankari by amemma mujeeb Siddiqui
  • necklace:              Simple Ideas by Amna Zain
  • shoes:                   Pakistan


The traditional embroidery of Punjab is known as Phulkari. Punjabi culture is picking up like never before.Tulip/dhoti pants, patiala salwars and specially PHULKARI. Yes!!!Phulkari is brought to the Indian Subcontinent by the migrant Jat people of Central Asia in ancient times.The tradition of Phulkari was associated with the Sikh heritage but was also shared with Hindus & Muslims!!

All these and more designs are available with Karachi Chikankari 

My Look

Wearing absolutely stunning Phulkari embroidered shirt from KARACHI CHIKANKARI by Amemma .The hot pink and orange Phulkari shirt with lovely colourful embroidery and gold sequin, best fashion statement! and perfect for traditional chand raat look

there are limited credible sources  from where you can purchase original hand woven Phulkari fabric. Karach Chikankari is selling authentic piece of art and I loved it .


My Jewelry:

mixed and matched  with ethnic jewelry in contrast colour to Accessorize my Phulakari outfit with beautiful SATHLARA (necklace) for a complete traditional look.

It is known as SAATH LARA as it has seven layer
It’s been put seven number in it due to seven sky’s (as it purely gives the beauty of seven sky’s in it )
It’s available in multi color seven layers
And one single color too!
It’s basically again from Hyderabad Dukan (india)Usually worn with jhumkas ,One layer jhumkas two or three layers!!

Different colors are available in saathlara





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