Ramadan Style!

It is time of the year again the holy month of Ramadan! The most important religious season for us! when it comes to Ramadan fashion we try to dress up more conservatively and try to do moderate fashion than usual.so say bye bye to your off-shoulder cuts,ripped jeans for a while :p

Many leading fashion brands have created limited edition Ramadan collection with different types of modest clothing like kaftans and Maxi dresses ( Mango and DKNY are one of them)

Ramadan is a Holy festive season for UAE Residents from suhoor invites to iftar dinners to UAE buzzing Ramadan tent culture! these outings calls for the range of modest but stylish outfits.i think its very easy to dress modestly through out Ramadan with kaftans,long dresses and stylish eastern wear.i will be sharing more stylish ideas in my Ramadan speacial ” Fashionista of the week” segment.


  • Outfit:       Fashion Twist by Mehak Zubair
  • Heels:       Christian Louboutin
  • Clutch:      Forever21


Today I’m wearing plan mustard short shirt with cigarette pants and navy blue cape attached to it!even though its summer, capes are still trending in Pakistani fashion. Loving this formal embroidered cape. if there is any cape you should be wearing this season,its “Midnight Fantasy” style cape by Fashion Twist

Loving the right touch of glam with right amount of antique gold hand crafted detailing on neck. perfect color combination of exotic mustard dress with navy blue cape.Perfect for balmy summer parties!!










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