Go Gothic!

A Gothic look doesn’t have to be extreme dark with piercings and tattoo’s, time to break the usual goth fashion rules.you can achieve the Gothic look without all those chains,spikes, extreme dark makeup and jet black hair.it can be quite simple and chic and definitely not scary :p

clothing can be tricky! you can’t wear all those chains/ leather corsets or fish net stockings and walking in the malls or restaurants not even to parties, unless its a Halloween party.so for people like me, who love Gothic fashion but don’t want to go for extreme dark looks. here i have some ideas for simple Gothic look.





Goth makeup means smoky eyes,it doesn’t always have to be endless black layers around your eyes, just different shades of brown, bronze or dark blue,with little bit of black pencil around your eyes.


Black is a first choice for goth inspired look but here we are talking about breaking the rules so yeahhh!!for lips you can go for cherry red/dark berry/ even pale pink.


hope you guys like my simple Goth look. comment or mail me if you like to know more about Gothic Fashion. see yeah next time with something new and creative….LOVE SONIA ❤


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