The perfect Cape,and how to wear it!

One of the most important thing for us is to learn how to wear the pieces in your wardrobe in different can help us get more use out of our closet without buying more cloths.i use to wear my outfit only one or two ways but now being a style blogger i try to experiment more with my outfits by wearing it four/five different ways.and trust me its so much fun!

so today i choose this beautiful cape by Dubai based  fashion designer IQRA REZA.we saw everyone rocking this trend in winter’s but what i like about this cape is that its very wearable in Dubai’s hot weather,perfect for any occasion and it you can wear it with almost everything from jeans to pencil let me show you the perfect way to wear this calligraphy black cape in three different ways.

you may find it difficult, but pulling off this outerwear essential is super easy.if you don’t have one,than you better go for one.TRUST ME! you wont regret it.

1-keep it glamours and sophisticated by wearing it with plan black top,slim trousers and  black heels. perfect for night out.


2-white top, jeans high boots are easy to go items that can look awesome with this calligraphy cape. make this outfit standout by carrying nice bag. perfect for coffee morning/shopping spree


3-For sweet, ladylike polished look wear it with tights and over the knee boots. complete the look by adding statement sunnies.





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